Sleepy Farmer Wooden Kit


Shaun the Sheep and his friends at Mossy Bottom Farm have been brought to life by Timberkits in the form of wooden mechanical model kits. Each design depicts the typical antics of these mischievous characters with elements of the farm yard and familiar features.

Timberkits is based in rural Mid Wales so can happily relate to the whole silly world of Shaun the Sheep surrounded, as they are, by farms and woolly friends parodied in the series. In this range you will see favourite characters animated by simple mechanisms which are turned by hand.

The products combine the comedic qualities of Shaun’s world, the inventiveness of Timberkits and the warmth of natural wood.

Sleepy Farmer Kit

Beginner level

The sheep have been jumping over the gate again to send the farmer to sleep, one... two... three... zzzzzzz. Thankfully there is a cushioned wheelbarrow at the ready. Hopefully this will give Bitzer a chance to go and sort out the latest mess the sheep have created between them.