Watch Out, Gromit! figurine created by Gerald Scarfe

From: Figurines



Oh dear! Gromit’s got himself all covered in black paint!

How did this mess happen? Has clumsy Wallace been decorating and dropped a paint pot? Or is this the work of sinister forces – perhaps that pesky Feathers McGraw?! Either way, it won’t be easy to clean up …

Political cartoonist Gerald Scarfe, best known for his work in The Sunday Times, wanted to place Gromit in a cartoon-like situation worthy of his comical adventures and mishaps. During the trail this unfortunate hound could be found at the M Shed, looking a little surprised by his predicament.

Time for a bath, lad!

  • Hand painted
  • Resin
  • 16.5cm height, 12cm width (ear to ear), 17cm length (approx)
  • Design by Gerald Scarfe
  • Gromit
  • Gromit Unleashed 1