Bristol Bulldog Gromit Figurine

From: Figurines


Loyal defender of our skies, Bristol Bulldog is more at home soaring among the clouds than on the ground. For Gromit Unleashed, though, he took a break from his aerial patrol to land at Bristol Airport, where he welcomed international visitors to the trail.

Dan Shearn, from the Red Central design agency, modelled Bulldog on the real fighter planes produced during the 1920s by the Bristol Aeroplane Company. A mechanical marvel, this Gromit pays tribute to the ingenuity of local engineers, and would take pride of place in any squadron.

Chocks away!

  • Hand painted resin
  • 16.5cm height, 12cm width (ear to ear), 17cm length (approx)
  • Gromit
  • Gromit Unleashed 1