Hullaballoon Gromit Figurine

From: Figurines


At first glance, Hullaballoon doesn’t appear to feature much of a hullabaloo … With a sleepy village painted on his side, and colourful hot air balloons floating serenely through the sky, everything seems peaceful. 

Look on his other side, though, and – surprise! A huge red monster with horns looms over the landscape, sending balloons high into the sky with his powerful breath. There’s no reason to be afraid of this gentle giant, though – he’s simply helping his friends on their way! 

Monster Riot, otherwise known as creative duo Catherine McDaid and Jason Ruddy, also painted several references to Wallace and Gromit into their design: the pair can be seen floating in their own baskets, and even Feathers McGraw makes an appearance in a special rubber glove shaped balloon. (Making a crafty getaway, no doubt!)

  • Hand painted resin
  • 16.5cm height, 12cm width (ear to ear), 17cm length (approx)
  • Design by Monster Riot
  • Gromit
  • Gromit Unleashed 1