Fleece Navidad Shaun the Sheep Figurine

From: Figurines



Did you hear that? A faint thump and clattering sound, right above your head…Could there be something on the roof? Something with hooves, and – listen carefully! – the soft jingling of sleigh bells...? 

Say hello to Fleece Navidad, the latest addition to Santa’s magical team! Artist Vivi Cuevas has transformed Shaun the Sheep into a friendly reindeer, complete with magnificent antlers, fluffy coat and a cheerful red harness with bells aplenty. And how did Fleece get his name? Well, it’s inspired by the Spanish phrase for Merry Christmas, ‘Feliz Navidad’! 

Move over, Rudolph – there’s a new kid in town!
  • Hand painted
  • Resin
  • 16cm length; 17cm height (approx)
  • Design by Vivi Cuevas
  • Shaun in the City
  • Shaun The Sheep