Sparkles the Unicorn Shaun the Sheep Figurine

From: Figurines



Once upon a time, in a kingdom far far away, there lived a unicorn called Sparkles. Soaring through pink candyfloss clouds, his bright wings glittering in the sun, he spread a little touch of magic wherever he went, and was much beloved by the people of his land. 

One day, the King, Queen, royal court, and all the citizens of the kingdom gathered together to express their deep sadness. Sparkles was leaving – he had been called away to a far-off land called Bristol, on a mysterious quest known only as ‘Shaun in the City’…In their hearts, though, they knew that Sparkles the Unicorn would bring joy and happiness to lots of people, and so they wished him a fond farewell. 

Sparkles flew for many days and nights, over icy mountains and across star-spangled oceans, finally reaching Bristol on a warm summer’s eve. As soon as he landed, he received a surprise! Lots of people were already waiting to meet him, and for the rest of the summer Sparkles was very happy among all his new friends. 

Did you fall in love with Sparkles? Emily Golden’s magical Shaun the Sheep design, complete with pastel colours, rainbows, and lots of little stars, is now available as a figurine! Whether you live in a flat, house, or the highest room at the top of the tallest tower, no abode is complete without him.

  • Hand painted
  • Resin
  • 16cm length; 17cm height (approx)
  • Design by Emily Golden
  • Shaun in the City
  • Shaun The Sheep